Two small projects of mine

DatabaseMaker :
A small program I made when learning to use SQLite. I wanted a simple way to make databases without using the DOS console, so I made this. It reads the file CommandFile.txt and executes its lines of commands.
Link : click here.

A slightly bigger program I’m still working on from time to time. It stores a single password, with very basic encryption – not exactly something to use if you’re concerned about the security of what the password protects. The program gives the password on command, but with a two-hours delay as an anti-procrastination mechanism. I use it in combination with Leechblock to avoid impulsive internet surfing, and in combination with another password on Steam and Minecraft to avoid impulsive gaming. It’s far from perfect (it takes a lot of thinking to design oneself even a remotely working anti-procrastination system), but it actually improved my working habits.
The program is in French.
Link : click here.

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