Password Delayer

This is an improved version of the second program presented here.

A book I read on work efficiency said that, the more accessible a distraction here, the more your brain consumes energy trying to ignore it. A workaround is to make sure that any distraction has a long delay associated with it, to help the brain consider it more abstract terms. This is what I had in mind when I developed this program, which is the videogamaholic version of the fridge that only opens a certain hours.

It can store any number of passwords ; each password is stored and encrypted on a file, along with data on which hours you can access it at, how long the delay before getting is, etc. While doesn’t exactly make miracles, it does improve my productivity when I use it to store passwords necessary to use my browser, or connect to Steam. It’s still a work in progress, though, there are features I’d like to add and tweaks I’d still like to make.

Also, it’s in French.

Download it on MEGA

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